One Luv Smoke 'n Vape Shop prides in the variety of hookahs, shisha and hookah accessories we carry.  Whether you wants coals or a replacement hose we got it all.

A few of the brands we carry are:

Al Fakher Shisha

Nirvana Shisha

Ugly Shisha

Starbuzz Shisha

Fumari Shisha

Fantasia Shisha

Hyrdo Herbal Shisha

3 King Coals

Titanium by Hookah John Coals

Coco Nara Coals

Mya Hookahs

Khalil Mammon Hookahs

Al Faker Hookahs

Pharaoh Hookahs

Glass Hookah

Much more items at the store, please come and check us out.

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